Traditional Games: Congkak Traditional Board Game

Ancient game Congkak is not only played among Malaysians, but this exciting game was very well known in the countries such as Brunei, Singapore, Thailand and some parts of Sumatera and Borneo. It was often played as an indoor activity or as a contest between two persons. Before the wooden Congkak was invented, the village’s people only used the sand besides the beach to makes some holes and used sea shells to make the game works. To those who never heard about Congkak games, Congkak is actually a board game which usually made from wood and has two rows of seven holes that usually named as “Houses” and two bigger holes which called as “Store houses”. Each of the houses is then filled with seven seeds or marbles and the store houses will be left empty.



Arrangements To Start The Game

To begin with the game, the first moves will be done simultaneously by both players to fill every house with marbles until a marble ends at an empty house. The other player will take turns after the other player ended the round. However, if the marble stops at an occupied house, the player needs to pick up every each of the marbles in that particular house and continues distributing the marbles until the player meets an empty house or player’s store house. After all, the aim of this game is to gain as much marbles in the store house to win it.1


Tradition Game

Ordinary Boat Shaped Congkak












It is believed that Congkak was actually originated from the state of Malacca, the worldwide trading center and this game was actually only for the palace’s people and King’s family members only, however this game spread out to the general people in the kingdom and continued to spread to the other countries as well. What’s amazing is the symbol of congkak’s board can be found at the surface of Malaysian Ringgit 10 cents coin as the respect for the long history of congkak in the country of Malaysia.


Congkak’s Board on 10 Cents Ringgit Malaysia


Congkak is not only an interesting game to be played by all, but the board can be used as a beautiful decoration in the house 2, office or even any suitable places to add the traditional values in the environment. The better the quality of the wooden used, more beautiful the appearance of the congkak would be. In Asian Secrets, we added the sense of creativity in the making of our congkak’s board by producing multi shaped boards instead of ordinary boat shape congkak. We do produce fish, bear, duck and cat shaped wooden congkak board and each of these boards has its own aesthetics values. Don’t forget to grab the chance to own our housewarming products as soon as possible.


Samples of our Products:

Batik Wood Congkak Board (Cat shaped)

Batik Wood Congkak Board (Duck shaped)








Batik Wood Congkak Board (Bear shaped)


Batik Wood Congkak Board (Fish shaped)










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