Batik Culture (Part 2 of 3): About Batik Painting

Centuries of adoring Batik clothing, artisans have skillfully transferred the antiquity textile art to paintings that have now become a major artwork – and often sought-after – in Asian interior wall décor. Each artist is an aficionado of a specific theme and style, which is often the reason why some of the artworks’ value and prices differ from one another depending on the level of craftsmanship. is proud to be the host to some of the most amazing and talented artisans around the world. They work diligently with various themes which include Scenic, Ocean/Marine Life, Ethnic/Desert Traveler, Mask/Puppet Show, among many others. You are sure to be spoilt for choices when it comes to adorning your home and office walls with Batik paintings. At, consumer buying experience doesn’t stop at only choosing and paying for the artwork. We provide ways and suggestions on how the masterpiece can be visually appreciated as a wall decoration. There are three means of hanging an artwork: Wooden frame, wooden stretcher, and wooden crafted hanger.



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