Batik Techniques: Batik Perada/Prada Technique

This type of batik is decorated with gold leaf or gold dust and was only used for special occasions. Besides that, it functions to give a breath of fresh air to the ancient noblemen’s frequently worn batiks.

Areas such as Yogyakarta and Surakarta used gold leaves while Central Javanese used gold dust. A mixture of egg white, linseed oil and yellow earth is used as an adhesive for the gold and the cloth will then be washed. The gold will remain on the cloth after the washing. Traditionally, the design dictates where the gold should be used as an accent but now, designs based on the prada technique can be commissioned. Gold paint is also used in place of gold leaf or gold dust in modern batiks.


Linseed. Once pressed, it produces oil

Applying the adhesive.

Gold leaf.

Gold Dust









Samples from our gallery that uses this technique


‘Traditional Horse Chariot’ by Wahid

‘Warrior Bimosuci’ by Wahid

‘Warrior Ontosena’ by Wahid












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