Batik Techniques: Han-Bosen Technique

Han-bosen is a technique which means half-resist. The wax is applied in controlled layers to create gradation in the colour and it gives a depth to the overall piece of work. Penetrating oil is used to enable the dye to seep through the wax and this is how the shading in han-bosen is done.







Melted wax in a plastic bottle







1.  The cloth is stretched on a frame and the design is sketched on the back of the cloth.







2.  The wax is applied in layers through the use of pressure and speed given to the brush. The temperature of thewax is important aswell as cool wax creates thick layers and hot wax, thin ones. A factor to be noted is that each layer needs to be completely dry before applying the next, to ensure the thickness of wax wanted is achieved.











3.  Further detail can be achieved through picking out the wax with a sharp object.










4.  The dye is then applied using a flat surikome brush.







5.  If more shading is needed, the wax is scraped off with a had bristle brush and redyed.







6.  The completed han-bosen technique.

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