Artisan Profiles: Dzakaria

Born in 1933 in Bandung, Dzakaria is such an influential artist in Indonesia. Being an artist was unprecedented for him, as his humble educational beginning was in Mechanical Engineering. At twenty one, Dzakaria migrated to the city with thousands possibilities – Jogja – to pursue his talent in arts at Indonesians Young Artists (S.I.M.) under S. Soedjojono kind guidance. Four years later he was ready to begin his journey to mastery in arts.

Sanggar Selabinangun was an artists’ group in Yogyakarta formed by an exceptional artist Harijadi Sumodidjojo in 1958. Dzakaria was majorly involved, and starting at the age of twenty four onwards the artist did several bas-relief works on andesite stones for public spaces and hotels. For ten years Dzakaria’s stone-carving works are well exhibited at well-known tourism spots such as Yogyakarta, Jakarta, and Bali.

Being an apprentice to two of the legendary artists – Harijadi S. and S. Soedjojono – Dzakaria picked up some of the distinct styles and developed his own. His inspiration to create scenes of daily life is a reflection of his own memories: Village life activities with women being the focal subject matter. In Batik painting, Dzakaria made use of crackling technique as part of his signature style to create texture. Crackling technique is tedious, but yet Dzakaria is the master this art.

Dzakaria remains as one of Indonesia’s coveted artists, with various experiences and vast knowledge in paintings and making different types of Batik. Although Dzakaria did not exhibit internationally, his talents and well-rounded skills are deeply appreciated, leaving art enthusiasts scour online to find his masterpieces.

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