South East Asia Cottage Industries (Part 1 of 5): The Villages & The People

 The Cottage Industry

Other than its spellbinding nature, these aforementioned South East Asian countries win tourists with the same nature/culture-based tourism[1] charms: Fantastic handicrafts labored from cottage industry. Cottage industry is a term originally coined for manufacturing business that consists of a group of villagers – males and females – working “part-time” from home. Most of them are agricultural farmers. They indulge in making traditional crafts as a side income during dry season when there was little farming to do.

Some of the much experienced producers really hone their skills and mastered the true art of making traditional items from scratch – in limited quantities and all by themselves – thus, they are honored as Artisans. They value not only the product but the process of creating craft. Their value of success is different from ‘profit and growth’ ideals. True, money is always in the equation but to them, success is about personal satisfaction of creating and selling craft and the personal desire to promote and preserve the traditional heritage of handicrafts.


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