Herbal Knowledge: Chrysanthemum Health Benefits

Since thousands of years, chrysanthemum has been holding the pride as a medicinal tool for diverse of diseases that we human usually suffering of. This great herb was firstly found in the country of China and now it is widely being used in East Asia countries. There are many qualities that Chrysanthemum has which amazed many modern health specialists all over the world. With its beautiful looks as this herb is actually is one of the Daisy species flower, none of us have ever imagine the health benefits that Chrysanthemum could bring. This amazing plant is actually rich in many nutrients and also minerals like vitamin C, beta-carotene, calcium, folacin, fiber, iron, magnesium, niacin, potassium, and riboflavin which are very vital elements needed in a human body to stay healthy and energetic.

Due to its antiviral properties and as it rich in vitamin C content, Chrysanthemum can be so effective in relieving head congestion and it can combats sinusitis pain. If we are having severe flu or fever, this flowering plant will surely help in healing this problem effectively.1 For hypertension patients, by consuming this herb regularly, it can helps in lowering the blood pressure and regulating the blood pressure as well. For those who are suffering for block arteries, they are fully recommended to include this amazing herb in their diet as it was scientifically proven can helps in the treatment of coronary artery disease. Also, to those who really take eyes care as something vital in their life, this herb can works as a tool to give them a brighter and cleaner looking eye without any sign of sickness spots in the eye’s surface and also will reduce excessive tearing.2


Chrysanthemum Flower Plant

Dried Chrysanthemum Flowers










Furthermore, the ability of this flower to purifies blood and calms the nerves are very beneficial for the people that have extra toxins in their body which always become the main cause why they do not have enough energy to perform in their daily activities and falls ill easily. If we drink chrysanthemum based drink along while taking our meals, it actually can improve our digestion for the foods especially oily foods in our digestive system. Other than that, for weight conscious people, this herb is the best choice to be prepared as a drink for them as chrysanthemum does not contain any cholesterol and even it also removes extra fats in the body.

Experts said that with regular consumptions of chrysanthemum tea, it believed that we will have a better vision, hearing and our brain will be more alert and active with surroundings. Chrysanthemum also can be a great help in beauty fields as it can effectively acts as a natural remedy for skins problem such as pimples, sores and boils. The antibiotic properties of chrysanthemum never fail to prevent infections in human body since ancient time and medically proven can improves human’s immune system with the right amount of consumption.


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