Herbal Knowledge: Herbal Solution for Joint Pain and Stiffness

If you have stiff joints and having uneasy feelings every time you are doing your daily routines, those are actually natural warnings for you to find the best remedies to ease them. Many among us prefer to consume steroids or pain killers to stop the pain and end up destroying our health bit by bit without we realizing it. These sore muscles that never seem to go away usually attacking people in elder age compared to younger people. Some of us who experience severe joint pain dare to consume a big number of pain killers and depending on those pain killers without knowing the long term effects that this drug could brings.

The tight feeling from the stiffness usually can affects many parts of the body such as neck, back, ankles, knees, shoulders and also legs. These pain and dilemma can be solved in a better way which by consuming natural remedies that always be proven will never bring any negative side effects towards human’s body. Natural herbs that can relieve many types of health problems including joint pain and stiffness are blend in our herbal solution products.

Our herbal solution product which is packed in a teabag form was based on the natural herb ingredients such as Curcuma Rhizoma, Zingiberis Aromatica Rhizoma (Halia Wangi), Androgaphidis Herba (Hempedu Bumi), Orthosiphonis Folium (Misai Kucing), Leucas Lavandulifolia Folium (Ketumbak), Zingiberis Rhizoma (Halia), Retrofracti Fructus (Cabai Jawa), Piperis Nigri Fructus (Lada Hitam), Foeniculi Fructus (Adas). These herbs main concern are in curing the joint pain and stiffness.

However, this herbal solution actually has thousands of hidden health goodness. Curcuma Rhizoma or usually local people called  it as “Temu Lawak” is one of the ingredients of the solution that act as an effective natural healer to joint pain and can helps to improve our blood circulation.1 The patience of high cholesterol problem is also advised to take Curcuma Rhizoma as their daily herb consumption which can  help them in lowers down their cholesterol level.


Curcuma rhizome


The next ingredient that is so beneficial for muscle and joint pain is Zingiberis Rhizoma or also known as “Halia”.  This natural herb was commonly used by the locals in their cooking to add more flavours along with the health benefits that it have. This popular plant material was also confirmed clinically useful to alleviate osteoarthritic or other pain in human body .Other than that, this amazing herb that has been used from now and then through traditional ways and process can also cure many other health problems such as migraine, back ache, severe cough and also high fever.


Zingiberis Rhizoma


Androgaphidis Herba or we called it as “Hempedu Bumi” is another source of herbal medicine to help in joint pain problem. This herb can be easily found in the land of India and Thailand. This natural herb is usually related to diabetic problem and also the chemical contents in this herb can help in breaking the fats that clogged in the blood streams. In China, this herb was popularly used in curing sore throat and bad flu and it is so effective as it has a rapid reaction in healing these health problems. The elements in this herb usually can help to increase our immune system which at the same time can avoid our muscles from easily get sore or stiff.


Androgaphidis Herba


The other herb that is widely known in Asian countries is Orthosiphonis Folium or also called as “Misai Kucing” also included  in our herbal solution for the best result. Other than protecting our joints and bones, this magical herb also can help people who is facing kidney stones problem and stabling the sugar levels in blood. By having a healthy set of kidney, this can ensure every bad molecules or disease in human body can be disposed effectively through urine disposal and can help in reducing stiffness  around the lower abdomen.


Orthosiphonis Folium.


Zingiberis Aromatica Rhizoma is another herb that is also included in the preparation of our herbal solution. Also known as “Lempuyang Wangi”, this herb was so popular in Indonesian country for medication purposes. This plant which was  found in tropical Asian regions contains essential oil that has many benefits towards human being. This herb can treats arthritis, cholera, anemia  malaria, neurological diseases, and abdominal pain. We can get stronger bones structure if we benefit this herb well in our food consumption.


Zingiberis Aromatica Rhizoma


Next herb that is so useful in treating bad joints is Retrofracti Fructus or also called as “Cabai  Jawa”. This herb was so popular in Tropical Asian Countries in healing many unpleasant diseases especially bones and muscle problem. Neurasthenia, a mechanical weakness of the actual nerves can be treated with the consumption of this herb. Belly stiffness and bronchitis problems also can be solved by this extraordinary herb.

Piperis Nigri Fructus or “Lada Hitam” is a healthy herb that also included as the ingredients of our herbal solution. This herb is not only used in cooking, it also can be used as a natural medicine to relieves abdominal pain, nausea, fever, unbearable joint pain, headaches, calms diarrhoea sickness and  able to treat urinary incontinence. This herb was proven effective in relieving joint pain around the area of neck, shoulders and legs in a short period of time after consumption.


Retrofracti Fructus

Piperis Nigri Fructus













The last type of herbal content in our tea solution is Foeniculi Fructus which also known as “Adas”.This herb usually was being used traditionally in relieving muscles pain and soreness especially for the people in Asian countries. This herb can also works as a tool to treat swollen nerves and released the warm effect to the stiff area so that the pain will reduces in time naturally.


Foeniculi Fructus


So after years of research and experimentation, we have developed a comprehensive herbal solution that consisted of the “best of the best” natural herbs. If you suffer from muscle and joint pain, this natural solution could work for you! Never let yourself end up spending a lot of money and taking loads of pills every day and let make a great choice of the convenience of an “all-in-one” solution that we produce.


Sample of Our Product:

Herbal Solution, ‘Herbs for Joint Pain and Stiffness’ by Rahsia Herbal (Teabag x 15 Sachets)




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