Herbal Knowledge: Jasmine Health Benefits

Also known as “Yin Hao” or “Dragon Phoenix Pearl”, the people across the world called it as Jasmine tea and they love it so much. Over 700 years ago, Jasmine tea was first created in a country of China, and continues to remain until today as it was known as a useful antidote against several health issues. Tea that has been flavored by Jasmine flower is essentially what jasmine tea is all about. Jasmine flower was actually known as a magical herb that can prevents many unwanted health problems and give one’s a better living. Generally, Jasmine flower will be dried and to consume it, we just need to sink the flowers in boiled water. The refreshing fragrance from the jasmine flowers will absolutely relax your mind and soul.1

Jasmine is not only a flower, but it was usually used in therapy and medication fields. Among the health benefits that we can get from Jasmine are to prevent tooth decay, lowering blood pressure, lower the cholesterol level, decrease the risk of stroke and also slow down the aging process drastically. There is also a hope that one day, besides chemotherapy, Jasmine can be a useful herb to be used as a cure of cancer that increasing in number nowadays.


Jasmine Flower


Jasmine herbs can protect the formation of cavities on our teeth and gives an effective oral care to those who think that teeth and gum protection are something vital in life. Anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties of Jasmine herbs can help us in eliminating bad bacteria in our mouth that usually increase in number drastically every day and night. Studies proved that the fluoride content in Jasmine herb works effectively to help in keeping our mouth clean. Having a good oral care surely will increase our zests and self-esteem to starts our day with a big beautiful smile.

To those who experience high cholesterols issue, by taking Jasmine herbs as a part of their food routines can control the levels of fat in their body as well as removing extra cholesterols in the blood streams which may lead to stroke and other dangerous disease. The regular intake of Jasmine herb will promotes more youthful looking among us as it can removes free radical that often acts as a cause of wrinkles and keeps our skin far younger looking than before. Not to forget that jasmine herb that we consume can be one of the healthy diets for us to keeps slim and achieve the ideal weight that every each of us always wanted.


Anti-aging effect by Jasmine herb


Jasmine benefits do not just end here. This miracle herb is also very effective in preventing fever and conjunctivitis, also provides assistance in dealing with bone cancer, breast cancer, and act as a natural pain reliever2. If the modern medication does not work well, by taking initiative in trying the benefits that Jasmine could bring may give you a second hope in curing your disease.

In Japan, there was a study that stated about the power of scent from Jasmine herbs which can help in lowers down heart rates and bring a relaxing mood towards anyone who smell the scent. Something amazing about Jasmine herb is it does not only removing bad bacterias from our body, but it can develop good bacteria as an aid to our body to completes important tasks such as digestion and regulating blood stimulation.

If you facing flu and cold every morning after you woke up from your bed, Jasmine herb is a best tool to help you in simplifying your problems. Anti-bacterial effects in your body from Jasmine will prevent bad viruses from infecting your weak anti body and keeps you energetic all day long.

Jasmine in boiled water


With so many benefits to human health, it becomes imperative to include Jasmine herbs in our routine to prevent us from suffering unwanted disease. Start from now to get the best benefits from Jasmine by purchasing our Jasmine herb based products which will bring many unexpected positive changes in your body after several time of consumption.



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