Herbal Knowledge: Lemongrass Health Benefits

Lemongrass has been used for hundreds of years for many purposes especially for medicinal purposes. This amazing herb not only having many curing properties, but it also has many preventing properties from bad disease. Lemongrass was actually originated from India but it also commonly found in the countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, and Philippines. This herbal medicine was scientifically proven can help patients that experience blood pressure problem and many other bad health conditions. This useful medicinal plant effectively relieves pain in a natural way and it does not give any side effects to human. Rather than sticking to the modern medicine like Aspirin, lemongrass is the better answer for us

For those who are suffering hypertension problem, the anti-inflammatory properties of lemongrass could help in curing it. The Aspirin like effect of this herb also can help in relieving headache and lousy feeling. Human’s inner organs are the most vital parts in the  body that we need to take care  the most such as liver, kidneys, pancreas, and digestive system to lead a healthy life. By consuming lemongrass in a right amount, it can acts as a natural cleanser for our body and detoxifying the inner organs with a mild process in our body. Other than that, this herbal remedies also work as a tool to improve blood flows and to avoid blood clothing.


The Tropical Plant Called Lemongrass


Lemongrass can prevent us from dangerous diseases such as heart disease and arthritis with the Flavonoids content. Flavonoid is actually an element that can help to prevent damage to human’s cells. No doubt that this extraordinary herb also can helps to prevent us from having any cancerous cells and slows down the growth of cancer cells for the cancer’s patient.1 The antibacterial and antifungal properties of lemongrass are really effective in cooling down high fever and can avoid us from having bad flu as well. The strong scent from this plant is actually so relaxing and can be used to calm oneself after a tiring day at work. Also, lemongrass rich with minerals like potassium, zinc, calcium, iron, manganese, copper, and magnesium which are important to control our heart rates and blood pressure.


Dried Lemongrass


For those who suffer from insomnia or disturbance in sleeping at night, lemongrass can effectively help them to sleep deeply for a better energy for the next day. Not to forget the most important role of lemongrass which acts as an element to lowers down the blood pressure and this is so beneficial for the high blood pressure patients. Excessive fat is one of the major issues that happens all over the world, however, this plant can give more hopes to the people with high cholesterols level as it can lowers down the fat contents in the body as well as getting rid of unbeneficial fats in time with a regular consumption.

The numerous health benefits of lemongrass never ends, not only helping in many health issues, but this ancient time herb was also be proven in improving human skin and avoiding bad skin’s condition by its natural existing nutrients. It has remedial and restorative properties that can help to remove zit or pimples from the skin as well as the spots. Also, lemongrass can tone the tissues and muscles, hence it relieves pain of the muscles by making the muscles more flexible and strong. In Asian Secrets, we only produce the best products, thus, we do produce lemongrass teabags for our customers to experience every each of health benefits from lemongrass. We can drink it over ice for a refreshing, sweet and citrus drink. Not only do the benefits of lemongrass tea have a very much desired effect on the body, but it also doubles up as a very tasty drink for us to experience.

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