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Certain foods and environmental conditions such as lack of sleep, medication, dehydration and stress can make our immune system weak. Having a weak immune system can expose our body to many unwanted viruses and we can fall ill easily. A person who has a weak immune system usually get tired easily and this may affect their daily routines in a negative way. To make sure that we have the best level of immune system, modern medication is not the best choice, but it is absolutely a “yes” to practice traditional herbal medication.

Mulberry is one of the berries out there that has thousands of miracles in medication field. Mulberry was also known as one of the herb that can boost our immune system and prevents cold or flu. In China, Mulberries was regarded as food tonics that can give many health benefits. They used the leave for teas and berries for syrup making. One of the reasons why mulberry have a dark color is because it rich in antioxidant properties that are so beneficial for humans. Other than that, this herb also contained of other minerals such as magnesium, potassium and manganese. These minerals are vital in controlling our heart rate and blood pressure

A plate of mulberries


To those who use their eye a lot during work should consume more mulberry based products as it can strengthen their eyesight in time.1 The extracts that we can get from mulberries are not only focusing on increasing our immune system and metabolism, but it also has many more proven health benefits towards our body. Here are the lists of minerals and vitamins that we can get from mulberry;



Minerals In Mulberry

Vitamins In Mulbery
















Particular body parts such as liver and kidney can be strengthens with the right amount of mulberry consumption. The criteria of mulberry that have multi vitamins and antioxidant effect will really help in slowing down the aging process and provides more benefits towards our skins so it will stay fresh even in a hectic lifestyle. Not only improves one’s beauty, mulberry never neglects the importance of hair care which is so called “crown” for women out there. Mulberry has the effective effect in blacken our hairs to avoid grey hairs and at the same time promotes the growth of hairs.

Mulberry is rich in resveratrol which is the anti-cancerous agent that will surely prevent us from facing this dangerous disease. They do say “prevention is better than cure”. Mulberry can also prevent arthritic pain with its anti-inflammatory properties that would be so useful towards the elderly out there that are facing bad joints pain and serious arthritis problem. By eating any type of food that based on mulberry herbs, it may lower down our blood pressure and give us less chance to experience blood clots or stroke.

Cold and flu can be categorized as something that are so familiar among us which can easily affects a human being in short periods of time. Sneezing and having a runny nose will always be the reasons why someone will feel weak and have less energy in performing their daily task. With the help of mulberry extracts, we can have more comfy living without experiencing stuffy nose and high fever condition as it can relief those problems in a blink of the eye..


Mulbery plant



If we have a weak immune system, usually we will easily be affected by the diseases around us and it usually takes longer time for the illness to be fully cured compared to people with strong immune system. To generate a society with a better immune system, our company had invented mulberry based product which is our Garden Herbs Teabag “Mulberry” that has all the benefits stated above and focusing on relieving discomforts of flu among us. This product was produced in a teabag form for the convenience of our customers. With the regular consumptions of this mulberry tea, we will experience more energetic days ahead with a better health condition that everyone always dream of


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Garden Herbs Teabags, ‘Mulberry’ by Rahsia Herbal (15 sachets)




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