Herbal Knowledge (Part 1 of 3): Natural Herbs and Modern Medicines – Effectiveness



Many lives have been transformed tremendously by natural herbal remedies since antiquity. When modern medicine is causing more “cost” than effect, the way to a healthier body naturally is by believing in the tried, true, and tested remedies of natural herbs. But hold your horses – everything that exists has its side-effects and its pros and cons as each person’s body differs from the other and reacts differently towards any kinds of medications. Not all herbs are good and not all pharmaceutical drugs are bad, and vice versa. Now let’s delve into comparisons of both types of remedies with regards to its Effectiveness, Side Effects, and Method of Healing:

1) Effectiveness
Modern medicine
  • Doctors prescribe pharmaceutical drugs simply because of its FAST and immediate effectiveness to get rid of the diseases.
  • The strong and effectiveness attributes are a result of isolating the active ingredients in known herbs and plants.
  • By isolating active ingredients (processed in labs, etc.), consequentially it eliminates vitamins, minerals and other natural substances that may have aided the active ingredients better and reducing side-effects.


Natural herbs
  • There is no doubt that natural remedies work because its effectiveness has long been documented in ancient medical texts since thousands of centuries ago.
  • Our body is designed to be more susceptible in absorbing naturally occurring molecules in plants than synthetic drugs, i.e., you consume 100% natural goodness.
  • However, natural herbs are more suited to help our body recover naturally, thus, healing usually occurs at natural rate rather than instantaneous, “miraculous” effects normally experienced by prescribed drugs.


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