Herbal Knowledge (Part 2 of 3): Natural Herbs and Modern Medicines – Side Effects


2) Side Effects
Modern medicine
  • Many modern medicines or “drugs” impose side effects such as drowsiness and feeling abnormally sleepy.  These medications can be found easily at most pharmacies and ill patients will grab anything that can cure the cold, flu or fever immediately.  As a result, the medications usually disrupt a person’s state of mind and his/her daily activities.
  • Research has shown that many a time doctors prescribe antibiotics for the wrong illnesses. Doctors prescribe antibiotics that kill a wide variety of bacteria (including the good ones) when an antibiotic that kills specific bacteria should be prescribed. Over time, this result in many bacteria becomes resistant to antibiotics.
  • In major Western countries, especially in America, there is an ongoing widespread of chronic Iatrogenic Diseasean illness caused by the diagnosis, or treatment of a physician. In some cases, this disease will eventually lead to death. And the cause? Adverse reactions to drugs, infections from the hospitals, wrong prescriptions, unnecessary medical tests and surgeries, and so on.
Natural herbs
  • Herbs have been known to treat illnesses naturally therefore consumers tend to buy over-the-counter herbal remedies without consulting their doctors beforehand. Unless it is NOT stated and proven with no side-effects, any kinds of adverse effects are solely accountable to one’s own bodily reactions to the herbs, especially when taken inappropriately or in conjunction with other medicines.
  • Certain herbs from unknown manufacturers are not tested or certified with the scientific rigor required of conventional drugs. Some tests take a few years to be finalized and yet the manufacturers have started selling them without legal approval from Food and Drug Administration.


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