Herbal Knowledge (Part 3 of 3): Natural Herbs and Modern Medicines – Method Of Healing


3) Method of healing
Modern medicine
  • Works well in case of trauma or emergency.
  • Targeted healing or immediate relief of symptoms; eliminate the disease but do not cure the whole body for long term sustenance.
  • Fight diseases in aggressive way, with biotechnological hazards and synthetic chemicals.
  • Most modern treatments include surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, and extremely strong pharmaceutical drugs.
  • Doctors follow strict rules and medical books and therefore patients get “one size fits all” kind of treatment.
Natural herbs
  • Excels in the treatment of chronic diseases.
  • Natural cures treat the cause of the disease and very much emphasize on long-term prevention.
  • Herbal remedies provide gentle approach and long-term support to re-establish and assist in the body’s own natural healing mechanism.
  • Herbal treatments use time-tested remedies purely out of plants, together with gentle, hands-on treatments.
  • Natural herb experts and practitioners treat each ailment uniquely to each person and practice what is best and customize the remedies accordingly.

Although the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry is striving with increasing number of students and experts dedicate their time and energy to create ground-breaking cures, numerous individuals have started to denigrate the success of conventional medicine. Turning to natural and organic healing is the new thing – it’s natural, it’s safe, and most importantly, our body takes in all the natural benefits that helps in other aspects of improving overall health to lead a pure, chemical-free and healthy lifestyle.



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