Exotic Foods (Part 2 of 2): Brewing Kopi Luwak

How to brew your Kopi Luwak

1.  Start with good fresh coffee.
     Grind the beans only when you need to use them because once they are ground they tend to lose flavour.

2.  Use the right grind setting for each coffee making machines.
     French presses use a coarse grind while Moka pots use a fine grind. However, drips are not recommended for Kopi Luwak.

3.  Use clean, fresh water.
    The flavour of coffee will only bloom with the right water. If the water tastes odd to begin with, your coffee will definitely taste odd.

4.  Ensure your water is at the optimum temperature.
     The best temperature is 200°F/95°C, give and take 2°. If the water is too hot, it can burn your coffee, making it bitter and if it is too      cool, it will result in a flat coffee.

5.  Balance the coffee to water ratio.
     Use a standard coffee scoop (or 2 level tablespoons) or 9 grams of coffee to 6 ounces (170ml) of water. If the ratio is off, your      coffee will taste funny.

6.   Brewing the coffee

A. Using French Press

1.   Boil your water.

2.   (Skip this step if using a bag) Grind the Kopi Luwak to a coarse grind to ensure the coffee solids will not go through the mesh       filter.

3.   Take off the lid of your French Press and put the ground coffee in.

4.   Put in the desired amount of water.

5.   Stir the coffee with a spoon and put the lid back on with the plunger pulled all the way to the top.

6.   Steep it for four minutes or till desired taste.

7.   Push the plunger down slowly to the bottom. This will separate your coffee grinds and enable you to enjoy your coffee without any       bits in it.

8.   Pour and enjoy.

B. Using Moka Pot

1.   Fill the bottom pot with clean hot or cold water.

2.   Set in the funnel and fill it with finely ground Kopi Luwak. Level it but do not push it down.

3.   Fix in the top pot and set the pot on the stove on a medium heat.

4.   After 4-5 minutes it will start to splutter. If it does not, let it boil for a longer period of time.

5.   Take it off the stove, stir the coffee and serve.

Some tips for brewing your Kopi Luwak

1.   Do not store the beans in the fridge as the change in temperature leads to condensation. This introduces moisture to the beans     and will make it go bad.

2.   Make sure the tools that come in contact with the coffee are clean! Coffee contains natural oils and improper cleaning will leave     oil residue, which may turn rancid and spoil your batch of coffee.

3.   Do not reheat or put your Kopi Luwak on a hot plate. This causes the flavour to change and may even burn the coffee. Make small     batches if you intend to drink a large amount of coffee. This ensures the Kopi Luwak’s original taste.

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