Life Enhancement: Exotica’s Honey Herbal Cream And Gel


Are elements such as the sun, air-conditioned places and city life wreaking havoc on your skin? For generations, Mother Nature has been supplying us with an abundance of herbs and natural substances that aids in our health and beauty. Man has tried to copy time and time again these same elements but to no avail.

Go back to the very basics found in Mother Nature for the ultimate in moisturizers. Exotica’s Wild Honey moisturizers are infused with pure, natural, wild honey along with 34 rainforest and garden herbs. Our honey is not cultivated which means they are sourced from naturally occurring hives found in the lush, virgin rainforests of Malaysia.

Exotica prides itself for using high quality ingredients in its purest form and bringing them straight to you. Though the honey and herbs are sourced from the wild, they are responsibly harvested. Most of the ingredients come from the oldest rainforests in the world, located in Malaysia. For those that are farmed, there are no genetically modified herbs or ingredients farmed with the use of chemicals. Only the best from Mother Nature is in the jar for you.

These moisturizers are especially targeted for people with sensitive skin and acne problems but are suitable for all skin types. The Honey Herbal Cream is made for day use and incorporates the use of rice flour, which does not clog the pores to absorb excess oil and keep the face shine free. Its matt effect makes it suitable for use as a makeup base, while at the same time continuously nourishing your skin. On the other hand, the Honey Herbal Gel is a more intensive moisturizer, formulated for night use; which restores your skin and keeps it soft, supple and moisturized. A skincare routine that regularly uses both moisturizers will make your problems like pigmentation, lines and acne disappear; giving you a fairer, healthier and happier skin.


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