Artisan Profiles: M. Yono

Mardiyono, or ‘M. Yono’ as he autographs on all his paintings, was born in Indonesia on September 5, 1955. M. Yono first discovered his passion for Batik since he was a little kid. Growing up in rural village did not equip substantial opportunity for him – or to others for that matter – to hone his skills and talents but yet he strived to make it big on his own.

At the age of twenty nine, M. Yono presented his first exhibition at Bentara Budaya in Indonesia. Following the success of his first exhibition, M. Yono exhibited again in 1985, and biennially and triennially afterwards at different locations in different cities, including Bali, Yogyakarta, and finally Jakarta in year 2000. For over a decade, M. Yono’s paintings have been collectors’ favorites due to its aesthetic appeal, complexity of craftsmanship, and its opulent connotations of one’s virtue.

On his journey to become an accomplished master painter, M. Yono developed his own significant style of “dancing” with the canting, tuning harmoniously to the rhythms of wax, and following the melodies of dyes. You can definitely tell “a Myono” by noticing a plethora of flora and fauna in mixed spectrum of colours.

His inspirations usually revolve around nature, very often having implied notions to deeper meanings and philosophies. An instantly recognizable distinct feature of M. Yono’s paintings is stark white background with thin, haphazardly spiked black lines around the edges. M. Yono’s niche of blending metaphorical nature often produces massive concoction of colours and patterns. ‘Tree of Life’ is one excellent example of his many best series – a true work of a master in fine Batik art.

His excellence have sent him going abroad to exhibit in countries like the United States, Canada and Germany, all thanks to philanthropic sponsorships from his own supportive art enthusiasts.

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