Myth And Legend: Ancient Myths on Frog

Frogs feature prominently in myths and folklore of many cultures since thousands of years. All of us already know that frog tends to make a lot of noise before rain storms, therefore this creature have been associated with weather in many different cultures around the world. In Japan, frogs are taken as a symbol of good fortune in life. If any species of frog appears around your house or near you, this is taken as a positive sign for the Japanese people as well.

Related to weather, frogs were believed as bringers of rain for the Native Americans and Australians. As the word “frog” also meant “thunder” in Sanskrit, this creature was believed to personify thunder in the sky by the Indians. Compounds from the body of a frog were used widely by the South and Central America as hallucinogenic drugs that were mainly used in their religious rituals. Frogs appear on the ornaments and jewelry in ancient Egypt. This has proven that frogs were something precious and valuable for the Egyptians since years ago.1

Frog symbol on Ancient Egypt jewelry is seen in the figure labeled as 44.


Also in Egypt, the people once believed that frogs actually have the ability to improve fertility. So the women there always wore charms in the shape of frogs in hope to increase their reproductive side. In China, the frog is emblem of Yin energy which is the positive energy. Thus, any image of frogs is recommended to be place on the east window of our home to encourage a happy family environment. In the other hand, the Maori people believe that killing a frog can bring a sudden natural disaster such as floods as well as heavy rains.

As frog is an amphibian that transforms a lot in it life cycle from a tadpole to a frog, this criteria has brings the meanings of birth and rebirth in some cultures. In Vedic tradition, frogs are seen as deities that will help the people in drought season just by its croaking sound and directly this action would bring the miracle of rain on the dry earth. There are often stone frogs kept in the garden in Scotland as frogs are considered as a symbol of wealth and luckiness. It’s not surprising that frogs are also related to achievement in life by certain cultures.2


Stone frog


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