Myth And Legend: Owl Superstitions

Owl is actually a species of bird that has been in a heart of myths and superstitions for thousands of years. It has special haunting sound that will calls at night time which sounded like “who” word and its unmoving rounded eyes will surely amaze anyone who looks at it. Even though owl sometimes be related with mysterious and darkness, but this little creature is actually hiding many positive stories of its existence in the long time myths.

In ancient Greeks, owl was commonly believed as a sign of victory and wisdom for an army if this bird flies over right above the army’s head. There is also a legend in Afghanistan where the owl was taken as a helpful animal for them. For Afghanistan’s people, it’s believed that owl was the creature that actually introduced humans with flints and iron so man can produces fire using those elements. In returns, man gave owls their feathers.

Parts of an Owl


Not only that, owl is also believed as a good sign for Australians. It was commonly believed that owl is actually sacred as this bird has the spirits of women. Not to forget in Brittany, if an owl makes its way to the harvest, it is actually a sign of a good fortune and luck for the good yield that will come soon. For the Inuits of Greenland, they take owl as a symbol of guidance and mercy in their life. Even though this species of bird is hardly be seen compared to eagle and other popular species, owl has the complete features as an extraordinary bird species in the world.1

Logically, no doubt that owl is actually a helpful creature as it acts as pest control creature for the farmers especially Barred Owl species.2 There was also a belief that said if a pregnant woman hears the shriek of an owl, it is actually a sign from the owl that the baby will be a female. This fascinating superstitions just not end yet, as in Indian country, owl is taken as a symbol of wealth and can ward of the bad lucks from human beings. For The Polish, they do believe that ladies who died married will surely turned to owls. Other than that, they also believed that the only reason why owls do not come out during the day time is because they are considered so much beautiful compared to other species of birds and the other birds will attack them because of jealousy if they still want to show up.


Owl at Night Time


In China, owl was taken as a symbol of positive and active energy when it’s present. For The Lenape Indians, if any of them dream of an owl or group of owls, it bring the meaning that those owls will be their guardian in life from any negative things. Generally, among all the species of bird, owl has the best hearings and very alert for any dangers around. Asian Secrets do have collections for you to have that relate to owl symbols and shape and these products can be given as beautiful gifts for any functions to your family members or even friends.



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