Myth And Legend: Symbols of the Butterfly

Butterfly is a type of flying insect that is so beautiful and always flies in the air freely and randomly while following the flows of the smooth breeze. This good flier started humble from an egg and transforms to be a larva and continues growing by turning to a pupa and lastly it changes to a beautiful and amazing adult butterfly. All these years, butterflies had been admired by many people because of its amazing features and characteristics that never fail to catch the eyes of the people that looking at it. Once you look at this small creature, you cannot help yourself but to just keep on looking at it flying freely in the air with its mixed colors and shapes. Butterfly is not just an ordinary insect, but it symbolizes many positive things that can increase human’s energy and zest in life.

Butterfly Life Cycle

Butterfly is a powerful symbol in myth and also in some religions. Even though the beliefs were different from one another, butterfly was always being seen as a good element in life and had never be a symbol of negativity. Generally, there are over 28,000 species of butterfly in this planet earth and each of them has their own special qualities.1 Interestingly, butterfly was related to soul in many cultures. The courage of butterflies are symbolize as life and hope. Here it means that even though life that we are going through is getting rough, however we have to keep the faith and hopes that life will get better somewhere in future. Just like butterfly, even though it is physically small in size, but it has the massive courage to keep on flying in the rain or even in the sunny day just to find foods for it to keep on living.

In some cultures, butterfly is considered as to bring luck and good fortunes in one’s life. This beautiful creature also brings the meanings of new life from the old one. There was a legend of butterfly for the Native American which they believed that if we captured the butterfly in our palms and whisper our wishes to it and then release it, the wishes will go up to the great spirit and they will come true sooner or later. Also, the butterfly symbolizes long life in the country of China as the Mandarin Chinese word for butterfly is “hu-tieh” and tieh does means “70 years” which are the long years and living.

Butterflies on a Flower


Butterflies that fly around the flowers indirectly remind us that we should not take things too seriously in our life but to feel the joy of life to the fullest.2 For Koreans, butterfly was taken as signs of happiness, bliss and love and they love to have the symbols of butterfly surrounding their daily life just to increase their inner spirits. Butterfly first learns how to crawl, then it learns on how to fly, here it shows that life is full of changes and we need to adapt many new things to keep on living peacefully and wisdom only can  be reached by your own hard works.

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