Natural Craft: Adverse Health Effects of Plastics

In this era of globalization, we can find many astonishing industrial developments all around the countries. However, no industry has under gone such rapid growth and development as the plastics industry does. In the time of its development and products creation that based on merely plastics, we human does not realize the long term impacts that our future generations might be facing by the arising numbers of the plastic based products.

Generally, plastic is a term for range of synthetic or semi-synthetic materials. What most of us do not realize all this time are the adverse health effects that plastics can bring to us from its manufacturing processes until the phase that we are using the products in our daily life. Chemicals used in manufacturing plastics are high in toxic content, mainly known as carcinogens which can affects human nervous system, blood cells, and the function of kidneys as well.


Plastic pellets, which are melted down to make products.

Once the plastics are accidently melted from the high temperature, this can leads to the leach of chemicals that are so harmful towards us. A type of plastic such as Polycarbonate, Bisphenol A is the main element that it has and this dangerous chemical can promotes the growth of human breast cancers. Polyethylene Terephalate is another type of plastics that also has a dangerous chemical in it which is known as antimony trioxide. This chemical was scientifically proven can bring menstrual problems to women and sometimes can increase the risk of miscarriage for pregnant women who get exposed by it.1 Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) which is the most famous type of plastic that usually used to make tableware such as plate and cup is not excluded from the dangerous chemical, and the exposure to a chemical named butyl benzyl phthalate in PVC can causes asthma and some allergies especially towards children.2


Exposure to chemicals in plastic can leads to miscarriage


Rather than chasing the negative that plastics could bring, why don’t we just practice a natural living by only chooses the product created from safe elements such as wood and natural dye? We in Asian Secrets only produce products that contain little or no plastic at all to safe our earth as well as protecting humans from dangerous chemicals. Products were carefully selected for their high quality and durability, and were manufactured ethically with concern for workers, quality, safety and the environment. We support the environmental and economic benefits of using wood and our wood products mostly are handmade and safe much energy in a wise way.


Samples of Our Products:

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Batik Wood Tray with 4 Cups

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