Natural Craft: Banana Bark Craft


Beautiful not just to the sense of sight, banana bark offers an entirely exquisite tingle to the kinesthetic sense as well. The bumpy but smooth finish simply begs to be touched. Rest assured, this material is entirely eco-friendly as banana trees die after they bear fruit. The trunk will have to be cut. However, a new shoot is already growing at the base so there is no need for replanting. With this sort of self-regenerating system, it is no wonder that some banana trees last for a few generations!

For this particular photo frame, each piece of lightly stripped banana bark is sun dried. Once dried, it will be glued onto the frame. Finally it is given a wash of eco-friendly resin varnish that contains no oils or solvents to preserve its beauty. The rough finish that emerges only adds to the charm of this natural material; and since no two trees are the same, no two frames are the same either.


Fresh banana bark

Dried banana bark











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