Natural Craft: Mendong Craft


Mendong or Globe Fimbry, as it is known in English; is a type of reed found on moist land such as marshes or rice fields. Due to its presence near paddies, they are a popular material for weaving among most Asians. Once gathered, it depends on the weaver whether they want to use it whole or split in half. After that, they are spread in a thin layer to be dried and bleached by the sun.

In our photo frame, it is woven with a simple weave but the different shades of natural ochre shines through, making it a unique complement to any photo or artwork. A beautiful bamboo frame made from the branches of the bamboo is glued on top of the mendong to complete and accent the mendong’s texture.


A Mendong plant

A man collecting the mendong plant

A woman weaving a mendong mat.

A woman weaving a mendong mat.









Our simple weave mendong frame




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