Natural Dye (Part 4 of 5): Natural Dye Accessories



An outfit for a special occasion is not complete without having a delicate silk shawl draped over your shoulder. Not just that, we let you immerse your fingers with other beautiful silk or cotton accessories like mobile pouches, drawstring pouches, tissue-cum-coin pouches, eyewear cases, pencil cases, and tote bags that have been dyed naturally with natural colours. Say yes to bringing Asian traditional flavours to your daily life!


How is it made?

By using naturally tie-dyed textile in either silk or cotton, professional garment makers cut and sew the fabrics into durable pouches and cases. The measurements used are standard so that your items fit perfectly. The garment makers hail from cottages from North-Eastern Malay Peninsula. They devote their time and knowledge to make worthy accessories. Nobody knows more than the original people of handicrafts!



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