Natural Dye (Part 3 of 5): Natural Dye Apparels


Pamper your skin with our organic cotton and soft silk apparels that are naturally dyed with pigments extracted from plants. Proven to be hypoallergenic, these apparels exude subtle Asian elegance that is exotic and definitely one-of-a-kind.


How is it made?

The apparels are first manually cut and sewn from plain white cloth of various cottons and silks. Once the quality of craftsmanship is approved, the apparel is then ready for dyeing. Tie dye method involves tying certain areas of the apparel with elastic rubber or string, and then dipped in the desired natural colours.

Unlike tie dye, Batik dye designs involve the use of canting (hand-drawn) or cap (stamping), just as how traditional batik art is applied on cloth. Once the hot wax has penetrated, the artisan uses a brush dipped in natural dye liquid to paint the design further.

Once the dying methods are done, the apparels are then soaked in mordant before it is washed, dried, ironed, and then packaged for sale.


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